Ion Exchange (IEX) Chromatography

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Ion Exchange Chromatography (IEX) is one of the most frequently used techniques for protein separation. it is based on the reversible interaction between a charged protein or biomolecule and an oppositely charged chromatography medium. The type of charged group on the base matrix determines the type and strength of the exchanger, while the total number and available charged groups determine its capacity. By selecting the optimal ion exchanger and separation conditions, biomolecules with even small differences in surface charge can be separated.

ProteIndex™ IEX-CM, IEX-SP, IEX-DEAE, IEX-Q Agarose 6 Fast Flow offer a variety of charged media with high loading capacity for high resolution separation of proteins and other charged biomolecules. The base matrix of these IEX media is highly cross-linked 6% agarose to which the charged groups are attached, providing high chemical and physical stability.


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