High Selective, Chemical-Stable Ni-Penta™ Agarose Resins

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ProteIndex™ Chemical-Tolerant Ni-Penta™ resins are specifically designed for capture and purification of polyhistidine-tagged proteins in much broader range of chemical agents, in comparison with conventional NTA-functionalized resins.

Ni-Penta™ affinity resins are able to retain high selectivity for polyhistidine in various  buffer conditions. They are particularly ideal for purification applications that require the presence of EDTA and reducing agents (ie. DTT, β-ME) for the integrity and stability of the target protein. Therefore, the use of Ni-Penta resin allows the most stabilizing conditions for the target protein throughout the entire purification procedure. Furthermore, Ni-Penta™ resins are well suited for direct capture of polyhistidine-tagged proteins that are secreted into eukaryotic cell culture supernatant (i.e. CHO cells, other mammalian cells, and insect High Five™ cells* and Sf9 cells). Dialysis of sample to remove inhibitory agents prior to loading is usually not required. 

Tech Note: Chemical Tolerant Ni-Penta™ Resins for High Selective Purification of His-Tagged Proteins


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