SNAP® Laboratory Glass Columns

The SNAP® laboratory glass columns are designed deliberately to address the current demand for a safe, easy-to-assemble chromatography column configuration to handle high pressure.

        Targeting the common problems that scientists have encountered during automated chromatography applications, the columns are designed to provide high-level performance with meticulous attention to detail:

    • Pressure up to 40 Bars (580 psig) with higher pressure rating glass body
    • Linear motion of piston
    • Calibrated glass tubing
    • True frits
    • Robust inlet and outlet connections
    • Fine thread adjustment
    • Double piston adjustment
    • Quick release ends
    • Graduated glass
    • Configurable


Features & Advantages:


    1. Snap end clamps at two ends for quick assembly and disassembly

            Patented SNAP collar is used to fasten the pistons to the column ends. The clamp is designed to tighten more as pressure is increased. This is an inherent safety feature so the higher the pressure; the more the clamp is tightening. At full pressure the snap latch is not needed as the clamp is now fully fastened on to the column end. When the column is depressurized, the collar can be easily removed for disassembly and cleaning simply by a snap of the latch.


     2. Two adjustable pistons with linear motion

            All SNAP Columns are supplied with double adjustable pistons which allow greater freedom to the scientist in adjusting bed lengths. Pistons can be configured as short/short, short/long, or long/long depending on the desired bed length range and target volume (see chart for available sizes). Pistons employ a fine thread allowing for more precise position adjustment.


            The adjustment mechanism of the SNAP Column employs the use of a turning collar and therefore the piston travels in a true linear motion. It eliminates bead scraping and also imparting torsional load on beads during bed compression, which is a common problem with a rotational motion. Linear motion of piston is important for good chromatography.


    3. Robust inlet and outlet connections

            Connection to the SNAP Column is done externally which has the advantage of visual confirmation of good seal, unlike some columns where the connection occur internally and out of sight. The connection is 1/4-28 flat bottom standard HPLC. Since many systems employ M6, your column will be supplied with a standard adapter fitting. Connecting your new column will be very easy!

           External connections assure visibility of leakage! Leaks can be de-bugged without the need to unpack the column!


    4. Graduated column body made of higher pressure rating, calibrated glass

            All SNAP Columns use high quality redrawn glass which has a very precise bore with an internal accuracy of +/- .0005" eliminating the need for an external o-ring adjuster. Further, glass wall is much thicker providing higher pressure ratings up to 40 bars (580 psig). Lastly, glass thickness provides for a much more robust design and glass breakage during normal lab use is virtually eliminated. Pressure limits of all ELS glass are in accordance with International pressure standards! All Columns individually tested prior to shipping.

           All SNAP Columns have a measurement scale permanently fused on to the glass surface. This is not a decal that will wear away or become dissolved with organic solvents. Now there is no need to have to hold a scale up to the column or guess the bed length.

            Moreover, columns that are packed with resins can be stored without the two end clamps attached. This reduces the overall cost to equip the lab with multiple columns. The cartridges can be stored in the packed and plugged condition and the clamps can then be installed on another column and run immediately. This also reduces bulk and cost to ship from site to site.


    5. True frits to provide superior flow distribution for better chromatography

           SNAP Columns use true Frits which are available in a wide range of porosities and materials so there will be no problem with application incompatibility. Frits re held in place by means of a taper lock, but can easily be changed or replaced if required. True fits warrant superior flow distribution during chromatography.


    6. Unique packing adapter enable true extension of column with identical inner diameter

           SNAP column packing adapters have a number of advantages. The first is that they are easy to install and remove. Secondly, they are rated for the same pressure as the column they are mounted on allowing for full pressure and flow conditions. Third, they are the same diameter as the column they are mounted on avoiding issues with turbulent flow at the interface or joining point. 


    7. Customizable columns

           SNAP Columns can be provided with any customization that the scientist requires, including special materials of construction, and heating / cooling jackets.


    Configure your SNAP column or contact our Technical Support team for assistance


    Column inner diameter:
    10 mm, 15 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm

    Nominal column length:
    125 mm, 250 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm

    Piston Material:
    Acetal; PEEK

    Piston Length Combinations: S = Short (60 mm), L = Long (120 mm)
    SS = Short / Short
    SL = Short / Long
    LL = Long / Long

    O-ring Material
    E = EPDM
    V = Viton
    K = Kalrex or EQ

    Frit Material and Porosity
    Polyethylene: 5 μm & 10 μm
    Stainless: 2 μm & 10 μm

    SNAP® Laboratory Glass Columns

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