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PolyHis tag: how length matters in protein purification

PolyHis tag: how length matters in protein purification

Jan 29 2018 0 Comments Tags: Affinity purification, Co-NTA, His-tagged protein purification, IMAC resins, Ni-NTA, Ni-Penta resins, Protein function, Protein structure, recombinant protein production

His tag length influences yield and purity on IMAC column           From time to time, we would get questions like: why is 6xHis (6 constitutive histidine residues) used in most recombinant proteins that are constructed for purification by IMAC? how about 4xHis or 10xHis? how does the length of the polyHis tag impact on IMAC purification?           It is true that the most commonly used polyHis tag consists of 6 constitutive histidine residues. Longer or shorter polyHis tags have been used much infrequently, but they have been proven to be effective in purification of various target proteins. The reason for...

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