Group Specific Affinity Chromatography

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Affinity Chromatography Purification Resins

Our proprietary ProteIndex™ resin technology enables superior selectivity and capacity for protein purification chromatography:

  • Proprietary linker moiety - for highly stable ligand coupling. Minimal ligand leakage
  • Optimized density of functional ligands for high binding capacity
Agarose matrix ensures high capacity, well suited for purification applications at any scales. Negligible non-specific binding for low background. We provide a variety of affinity chromatography resins in suspensions as well as prepacked cartridge formats for the following applications:
Immunoglobulin Purification GST Purification with Glutathione Resins
Maltose Binding Protein (MBP) Purification with Dextrin Resin Biotin Purification with Streptavidin Resin
DYKDDDDK-tagged Protein Purification Poly Histidine-tagged Protein Purification

PROTEINDEX™ Dextrin Agarose 6 Fast Flow

Catalog NO. 11-0218-010

PROTEINDEX™ Dextrin Agarose 6FF is a chromatography medium for purifying proteins fused to maltose binding protein (MBP-tagged protein). Recombinant proteins with the MBP-tag often have increased expression levels and higher...

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