Immobilized-Metal Affinity Chromatography

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At Marvelgent, we offer a range of IMAC resins for various purification needs, from fast research laboratory separation to preparative and process scale applications.

Ni-NTA Agarose and Ni-NTA Agarose 6FF resins provide efficient, high yield purification of His-tagged proteins. They are the most commonly used IMAC media.

Ni-Penta™ resins utilize a proprietary pentadentate ligand that contributes not only to high selective capture of His-tagged proteins but also to superior stability of His-tagged protein complex on the matrix surface. This high affinity between the His-tagged protein and the matrix remains uncompromised in a variety of chemical and agents, including EDTA, and DTT. Therefore, Ni-Penta™ resins enable direct capture of target His-tagged proteins in various buffer conditions, including mammalian culture supernatants. In addition, leaching of nickel ions is negligible, even after repet. This  protects your precious protein from toxic nickel as well.

Tech Note: Chemical Tolerant Ni-Penta™ Resins for High Selective Purification of His-Tagged Proteins

Co-NTA resins are precharged with the cobalt ion (Co2+), which has higher affinity for the His-tag and therefore results in higher purity of product. The use of cobalt in the purification of His-tagged proteins can also avoid the toxicity resulted from the leakage of nickel as the heavy metal.


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Tech Note: IMAC Resins Selection Guide



PROTEINDEX™ Ni-Penta™ Agarose, Chemical Stable

Catalog NO. 11-0227-010

PROTEINDEX™ Chemical-Tolerant Ni-Penta™ Agarose is a new immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) medium precharged with nickel ions, designed mainly for purification of low abundant proteins or challenging proteins in...

From $127.00 USD

PROTEINDEX™ HiBond™ Ni-NTA Agarose

Catalog NO. 11-0224-010

PROTEINDEX™ HiBond™ Ni-NTA Agarose utilizes 4% agarose as the matrix support, and is functionalized with the chelate ligand Nitilotriacetic Acid (NTA), which is charged with nickel ions (Ni2+) to form...

From $99.00 USD

PROTEINDEX™ PureBind™ Co-NTA Agarose

Catalog NO. 11-0252-010

PROTEINDEX™ PureBind™ Co-NTA Agarose is a  cobalt-based immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) medium. It offers greater specificity and therefore enhanced selectivity for polyhistidine-tagged proteins under both native and denaturing...

From $105.00 USD


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