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PROTEINDEX™ Ni-Penta™ Agarose, Chemical Stable

Catalog NO. 11-0227-010

PROTEINDEX™ Chemical-Tolerant Ni-Penta™ Agarose is a new immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) medium precharged with nickel ions, designed mainly for purification of low abundant proteins or challenging proteins in...

From $115.00 USD

PROTEINDEX™ HiBond™ Ni-NTA Agarose

Catalog NO. 11-0224-010

PROTEINDEX™ HiBond™ Ni-NTA Agarose utilizes 4% agarose as the matrix support, and is functionalized with the chelate ligand Nitilotriacetic Acid (NTA), which is charged with nickel ions (Ni2+) to form...

From $90.00 USD


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