Custom Chromatography Service

 Custom Chromatography Service to your specific applications

There is no one-size fits all. Your project is unique, and so is the purification strategy for your protein. The optimal medium to use for your protein purification requires the precise control of many parameters. Marvelgent provides custom chromatography media for all sizes. With many years of experience focused on developing chromatography media products, our R&D scientists are able to quickly develop and optimize the product that fits your very specific needs. Here are some of our capabilities:

Custom chromatography resin service:

1.  Immobilization of user-defined ligand on the desired solid medium support

We can help you develop chromatography resins conjugated with the desired ligand. When you are looking for a specific ligand to purify your protein on a desired matrix support but nowhere it can be found from the market place, we can help you conjugate the ligand on the support.

Off-the-shelf matrices include:

    • Highly-crosslinked 4% agarose (or 4 Fast Flow)
    • Highly-crosslinked 6% agarose (or 6 Fast Flow)
    • Highly-crosslinked agarose with dextran surface extender  NEW ! Find out more >
    • Functionalizable agarose-base core encapsulated with molecular size-exclusion shell NEW ! Find out more >
    • Magnetic agarose
    • Crosslinked dextran
    • Magnetic polymer microsphere

We currently support scale-up and production of the customized resin to lot sizes of 300 L.

2.  Optimization of matrix support

When the matrix needs to be optimized for specific application, we can work with you to tailor a solution right for your needs. We help optimize the matrix by controlling the following properties:

a)  Agarose-based resins

    • Particle size (with average size of 34 µm, 40 µm, or 90 µm)
    • Degree of crosslinking to achieve variable mechanical stability and flow rate limits
    • Pore size of the matrix
    • Option of magnetic property

b)  Polymeric particles

    • Polymer material
    • Particle size
    • Magnetic property

3.  Optimization and immobilization of ligand

The efficiency of chromatographic purification of target proteins also depends on the density and orientation of the ligand, as well as the chemistry being used to immobilize it on the matrix support. We can help you to improve the purification effectiveness and eventually help save your budget.

    • Spacer arm length
    • Density of ligand
    • Orientation of ligand on support

Contact us now to speak with our scientists and see how we can help!

Column packing service

    Convenient, easy, ready-to-use product is the key for obtaining consistently high quality proteins in routine purification applications. We can help you prepack the desired medium in the column format of your choice, providing a resource-saving option for your research and processing needs.

      Please contact us for further details. Talk to our scientific specialists for technical support and assistance in chromatography medium-related aspects. We can work together with you to strategize and identify alternative possibilities. Let us help you optimizing your very own purification application.


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