Empty Disposable Gravity Flow Columns

fritted disposable column sets, various sizes

Marvelgent Disposable Gravity Flow Columns provide cost-effective, convenient, versatile options for routine protein separation by gravity flow. The columns are suitable for affinity purification, desalting, isolation of antibody and fusion protein.

Each column set comes with one polypropylene column body, fritted with a matching frit, a top plug, a bottom cap, and an extra frit, which can be used to double fritting to provide extra support or to place on top of the settled resins to prevent drying.

The frits are made of UHMW-PE, and are dedicatedly optimized for smooth aqueous flow by gravity while holding the samples bound on the particle matrix. The frits deliver a typical flow rate within the range of 1 ~ 4 mL/min by gravity.

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In general, the frit that has larger pore size will allow faster flow through. However, if the pore size is too big for the absorbent particles that are being used in the application, the particles are likely to be trapped in the frit, subsequently resulting in blockage of the flow through. Therefore, depending on the particle size of absorbent, we recommend to choose the frit that has a pore size smaller than half of the average particle size of the absorbent. For example, if the resins have an average size of 100 μm, a 50 μm frit can be used in the purification; whereas if the resins have an average size of 50 μm, a 20 μm frit works better.


We provide a variety of columns to fit your application needs:

Frit Pore Size
Column Size I.D. (mm) 20 μm 35 μm 50 μm
3 mL 9.0 Cat# 11-0258
6 mL 13.0 Cat# 11-0259 On Request
12 mL 15.8 Cat# 11-0257
30 mL 23.5 Cat# 11-0260 Cat# 12-0278
60 mL 26.6 On Request Cat# 12-0279
300 mL 49.5 Cat# 12-0280



For fast, general-purpose purification by gravity flow or low pressure:

  • Affinity chromatography of protein or other macromolecules
  • Immunodepletion of immune reactive complexes
  • Size-exclusion chromatography


For research use only. Not intended for any human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic uses.


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