IMAC resins selection guide

Feb 24 2017 0 Comments Tags: Affinity purification, His-tagged protein purification, IMAC resins, Protein function, Protein structure, recombinant protein production

The property and performance of each IMAC resin format is determined by the combination of three components of the resin: the matrix support, the chelate ligand that is used to functionalize the matrix surface, and the immobilized metal ion that is in complex with the ligand. Combinations of these three variables (matrix, ligand, and ion) provide a collection of IMAC resins that we can choose from for our specific purification needs. Choosing the appropriate IMAC resin format contributes to the success of obtaining desired amount of pure target His-tagged protein for downstream applications.

Read our Tech Note on how to select the right resin for your protein purification

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