EDTA-Resistant, Chemical-Tolerant Ni-Penta™ Agarose-Base Resins for High Selective Purification of His-Tagged Proteins

Feb 24 2017 0 Comments Tags: Chemical tolerant, CHO cell protein purification, EDTA-resistant, HEK 293 cell protein purification, His-tagged protein purification, IMAC resins, Insect cell protein purification, Ni-Penta resins

Our Ni-Penta™ Agarose-Base Resins, new members of our ProteIndex™ family, are advanced, chemical-tolerant immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) media that are precharged with nickel ions. Via a proprietary pentadentate ligand, immobilization of nickel ions on the matrix surface is highly uniform and stable, and offers excellent resistance and anti-strip power to a wide range of chemicals, including NaOH, EDTA, reducing agents DTT and β-ME. Ni-Penta™ resins are well suited for direct capture of polyhistidine-tagged proteins that are secreted into eukaryotic cell culture supernatant (i.e. CHO cells, other mammalian cells, and insect cells). Unlike the conventional IMAC resins, purification with Ni-Penta™ resins generally does not require sample pretreatment to remove EDTA and other agents.

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