Enzymes for Peptide and Protein Sequencing


ProteoSure™ Modified Trypsin, Autolysis-Resistant, Sequencing Grade

Catalog NO. 14-SRT-200UG

ProteoSure™ Sequencing Grade Trypsin is a highly purified porcine trypsin variant that has been genetically improved, chemically modified for the highest autolysis-resistance and maximum specific tryptic activity in proteomic applications....

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ProteoSure™ Endoproteinase GluC, V8 Protease, Sequencing Grade

Catalog NO. 14-V8-050UG

Staphylococcus aureus Protease V8 (Endoproteinase GluC) is a serine proteinase that selectively cleaves peptide bonds C-terminal to glutamic acid residues. It also cleaves at aspartic acid residues. The Optimum pH...

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ProteoSure™ Recombinant Carboxypeptidase B, Sequencing Grade

Catalog NO. 14-SRCPB-100UG

Carboxypeptidase B catalyzes hydrolysis of the basic amino acids lysine, arginine and histidine from the C-terminal end of polypeptides. The molecular weight is 34,500 daltons, optimum pH is 8.0, and...

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ProteoSure™ Recombinant Endoproteinase Lys-C, Sequencing Grade

Catalog NO. 14-LC-020UG

Endoproteinase Lys-C is a serine protease specific for cleavage of amide and peptide ester bonds at the carboxylic side of lysine and S-aminoethylcysteine residues. The recombinant Endoproteinase Lys-C is genetically...

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